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Meet Latitude Recruitment: Your Solution to Regional Hiring Hurdles

We have worked tirelessly to assist hundreds of businesses and job seekers in establishing successful employment relationships. We have helped businesses like yours find their ideal candidate in our database of premium, highly skilled candidates looking for regional roles. But it’s not all about skills. We’ll help you find someone who is highly motivated and culturally aligned, ready to propel your company forward.

Facing the Complexities of Regional Hiring

We get it. No matter how big your business is, hiring the right people can be difficult, time consuming, and even exhausting. Filling regional jobs comes with its own unique set of challenges that make the hiring process even more complicated. 

If you’re like a lot of business leaders we’ve spoken to before they worked with us, you’re probably finding it hard to connect with A players who are reliable, skilled, and the right fit for your business culture. 

Latitude Recruitment was started because we wanted to make regional hiring easier, more personal, and, dare we say it, fun.

Transforming Your Hiring Journey

Latitude Recruitment is more than just another recruitment agency; we’re your hiring partner who has consistently overcome these hiring challenges for years.

We have transformed the daunting process of hiring into a smooth,
rewarding journey by understanding what regional businesses require
and creating a repeatable process for identifying the right talent. 

There will be no jargon, no extra work on your plate and no unnecessary complication. Just a clear path to your next successful hire.

Our Proven Approach

At Latitude Recruitment, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We know that every business is unique, and so are their hiring needs. That’s why we’ve developed a strategic yet flexible approach to recruitment that has been proven time and again to deliver results.

Here’s how it works:


We’ve been navigating the complexities of regional recruitment for years. Our intimate knowledge of regional business dynamics and talent pool gives us a distinct advantage in finding the perfect candidates for your business.


Leveraging our extensive reach and recruitment skills, we hit the ground running. We use a variety of attraction methods and regional expertise to attract high-quality, reliable, and talented individuals who are the best fit for your unique culture and business needs.


We scrupulously screen potential candidates, evaluating their skills, experience, personalities, and cultural fit. This rigorous process ensures you meet only the best of the best, saving you valuable time and energy.


Then, we introduce you to our top picks, providing comprehensive profiles of
each candidate, ready for you to interview. The choice is always yours.
But we ensure you have all the necessary information to make the best decision.


Even after placement, we don’t disappear. We provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition, satisfaction on both ends, and a lasting relationship.

Our approach isn’t just about filling vacancies; it’s about empowering your business by connecting you with the right people at the right time.

Embrace The Easiest Path To Regional Hiring Success

Imagine a world where hiring people was not a daunting task but instead a smooth journey that led you to the best people for the job. A world where job openings are quickly filled because the perfect fit is found quickly, and the hiring process is not viewed as a chore, but rather as an exciting journey of discovery.

We know the feeling of relief when you find that perfect candidate who not only fits the job requirements but also your company culture – it’s a true game-changer. Your team becomes more dynamic, your operations more efficient, and your business growth begins to accelerate. The future is looking brighter than ever before, and it was all made possible by finding the right people.

You’ll have more time to focus on your core business activities, knowing that your recruitment needs are handled professionally, effectively, and promptly. You’ll have peace of mind, no longer having to worry about the complexities and time-consuming aspects of recruitment. You’ll have the joy of providing job opportunities to dedicated professionals in your region and enjoy the productivity and improvements they bring to your business.

A perfect hire, streamlined operations, and elevated success are all within your reach with Latitude Recruitment. 

Meet Our Founder: Karen Bryant

Karen Bryant, the mastermind behind Latitude Recruitment, is no
stranger to the complexities of recruitment in industries as diverse as healthcare, mining, engineering, forestry, and government. Karen developed her talent for recruitment working for multinational giants in Adelaide and Melbourne, but her heart pulled her back to where it all began – the Limestone Coast.

Karen set out to fill a critical gap in regional areas for professional, personal, affordable, and, most importantly, dependable recruitment services. Latitude Recruitment was born from a desire to empower regional businesses by assisting them in quickly navigating the recruitment maze, despite the unique challenges of recruiting in regional South Australia and Victoria.

With Karen at the helm, Latitude Recruitment isn’t just about filling roles, it’s about building partnerships, empowering businesses, and turbocharging regional recruitment. 

When Karen isn’t steering the ship at Latitude Recruitment, she’s enjoying life’s other joys with her husband, three kids, and their office dog, Comet.

Hear How We Transform The Hiring Process From Our Satisfied Clients

Highly recommend Cathie and the staff at Latitude Recruitment. Cathie’s communication through the whole process is fantastic with regular updates. In this instance especially, Cathie has gone above and beyond. Thank you.


Latitude have been a pleasure to work with. They understand our workforce needs and screen job applicants according to their suitability for our job. They’ve saved us lots of time and hassle! I can rest easy with Latitude in our corner!

John Forster

Our service is unique to other health services in the services we offer and the way we deliver them. Finding the right fit for our agency was important but also a difficult task. Latitude worked with us on the type of individual we needed on our executive and were responsive and successful in getting us the right team member.


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