Based in Mount Gambier, Key 2 Sale is an award-winning real estate agency that employs a local high-performing team.

✅ We’ve achieved a 100% retention rate for all candidates placed at Key 2 Sale, reflecting our precise match of skills and cultural fit.

✅ The successful filling of specialised roles has enabled Key 2 Sale to expand their services and offerings, providing a competitive edge in the real estate market

✅ Key 2 Sale’s management team reported increased operational efficiency, freeing them to focus on core business activities.

✅ Our efforts contributed to Key 2 Sale’s strengthened team dynamics and enhanced overall workplace productivity.

The Challenge

Key 2 Sale was thriving in a dynamic property market. But they then needed to expand their team to better serve the increasing demands from buyers and sellers.

With their days already packed with the myriad of tasks involved in running a successful real estate agency, finding time for the recruitment process was a real struggle without neglecting their core activities.

On top of that, the roles they needed to fill were not just any positions; they required specific skills and expertise. This was especially difficult in a regional market where such talent was not readily available. This included specialised roles like marketing and videography, which were essential to stay ahead in the competitive real estate landscape.

They needed a solution that could not only understand the nuances of their industry and the specific nature of the roles but also fit these requirements into the unique dynamics of the Mount Gambier market.

The Solution

Key 2 Sale recognized the need for a recruitment agency experienced in regional hiring for specialised roles and reached out to us in mid-2019. Understanding the unique challenges faced by this dynamic real estate agency, we tailor our approach to offer them a comprehensive, end-to-end recruitment service.

At the core of our end-to-end recruitment strategy is open and ongoing communication. This ensures we fully understand what Key 2 Sale is looking for in their candidates, especially for specialised roles. By getting a clear picture of each vacancy, we craft targeted job listings and advertising campaigns, reaching the right candidates more effectively.

We streamline the recruitment process to save Key 2 Sale valuable time. Our team takes on the task of reviewing all resumes, conducting initial screenings, and scheduling interviews. This approach means that Key 2 Sale’s team can focus on their real estate business, confident that the recruitment process is in capable hands. We make sure that only the most suitable candidates reach the interview stage, and after their selection, we conduct thorough reference checks for added peace of mind.

Recognizing the need for specialised roles like marketing and videography, particularly challenging in a regional area, we leverage our expertise and networks. We know exactly where and how to advertise these positions to attract candidates with the right experience and skills.

Our proactive partnership approach means that even during periods without active recruitment, we keep an eye out for potential candidates who could be a great fit for Key 2 Sale’s team, ready to connect them whenever the opportunity arises.

This tailored, hands-on approach ensures that Key 2 Sale can grow their team effectively, meeting both their immediate needs and long-term goals in the ever-evolving real estate market.

The Results

Our four-year partnership with Key 2 Sale has been a resounding success. We have filled a range of roles for them, including Sales Support, Administration, Marketing, and Videography. 

The standout achievement is that 100% of the candidates we placed are still with the company, underscoring our focus on matching the right skills with Key 2 Sale’s unique culture.

This perfect retention rate demonstrates our effective recruitment strategy, tailored to Key 2 Sale’s specific needs. It reflects not just our ability to identify skilled professionals, but also our success in ensuring these individuals align with Key 2 Sale’s team and business objectives. 

As a result, Key 2 Sale has maintained a strong and cohesive team, enabling them to focus on their core real estate business and solidify their market position in Mount Gambier.

Through our services, Key 2 Sale has not only met its immediate staffing needs but has also strengthened its foundation for ongoing growth and success in the competitive real estate industry.

Cathie’s Proactive Approach and Latitude Recruitment’s Understanding of Our Business Needs: A Testament to Exceptional Service

I am pleased to express our sincere appreciation for the exceptional services provided by Latitude Recruitment. Over the course of the past few years, we have consistently turned to Latitude to assist us in sourcing new talent for our expanding real estate business. In particular, our interactions with Cathie have been both productive and professional. 

Cathie’s proactive approach to identifying individuals who align seamlessly with our business has proven invaluable. She consistently goes above and beyond in screening potential candidates, presenting us with a shortlist of individuals possessing not only the requisite skills but also the right attitude to complement our team dynamics. We appreciate the meticulousness with which Latitude Recruitment operates, streamlining our interview process and ensuring that we engage with the most qualified and suitable candidates. 

Moreover, we have been impressed by Cathie’s dedication, as evidenced by her proactive outreach when she identifies potential team members who may be an excellent fit for our organization, even when we are not actively seeking to fill a position. This level of commitment reflects the depth of understanding Latitude Recruitment has regarding our business ethos and the caliber of individuals we seek to bring on board. 

Working with Latitude has consistently been a positive experience. The team is not only friendly but also exhibits a commendable work ethic. Their comprehensive grasp of our business needs and the specific qualities we look for in potential hires has been a cornerstone of our successful collaboration. 

In light of our positive and enduring partnership, we wholeheartedly recommend Latitude Recruitment for all your employment needs. Their professionalism, diligence, and commitment to understanding the unique requirements of their clients make them a standout choice in the realm of recruitment agencies. We look forward to continuing our association with Latitude as a trusted partner in our ongoing recruitment endeavors.

Gail Richards

Principal & Sales Consultant

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