Rural Northwest Health

Based in Warracknabeal with additional sites in Hopetoun and Beulah, Rural Northwest Health is a regional healthcare provider dedicated to serving the people of Western Victoria.

✅ Since May 2023, we have successfully filled 56 permanent positions at Rural Northwest Health, encompassing a wide range of roles from clinical to administrative.

✅ Our partnership has significantly streamlined RNH’s recruitment and onboarding processes, making them more efficient and candidate-friendly.

✅ The People and Culture team at RNH has been able to redirect their focus towards workforce development and care, thanks to the alleviation of recruitment-related stress.

The Challenge

Healthcare workers are in high demand all over Australia, and nowhere is this demand more urgent than in regional areas. Rural Northwest Health, like other regional hospitals, has faced significant challenges in both finding qualified staff locally and attracting skilled candidates from the city, interstate, and overseas. 

With an already substantial workload, RNH’s small People and Culture team found it difficult to dedicate large amounts of time to recruiting. As a result, candidates often faced an extended wait to hear back following their application. In a candidate-short market, this can be the difference between securing and missing out on top talent. 

There were issues for candidates who did end up being recruited. They were sent an email with multiple attachments, some which were for reference only, and some which needed to be printed, filled in by hand, then scanned and sent back. This process was overwhelming and cumbersome for candidates. It was also time-consuming for the People and Culture team, who had to spend time answering queries about the paperwork and chasing up required documents.

The Solution

Given the specialised, ongoing nature of RNH’s staffing needs, we presented them with a custom proposal to establish an ongoing RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) partnership.

This means that since May 2023, we’ve been handling the majority of recruitment activities on their behalf, including advertising positions, contacting applicants, scheduling interviews, and conducting reference checks. RNH retains complete control over who they interview and who they hire, without having to deal with the more time-consuming and challenging aspects of recruiting.

We’ve also taken over some aspects of the onboarding process, including sending out paperwork. This new process is digitalised and streamlined, with all forms bar one able to be completed on a computer or smartphone. Certain forms have also been grouped together in one document for conciseness and ease of signing, effectively halving the number of attachments the candidates receive.

The Results

As of December 2023, we have filled 56 permanent positions for RNH in the span of seven months. These roles are both clinical and non-clinical, with titles as diverse as Executive of Community Services, Registered Nurse, Exercise Physiologist, Personal Care Assistant, Maintenance Manager, and Gardener.

Without the stress of recruitment, the People and Culture team has been able to focus on developing and taking care of their existing workforce.

Rural Northwest Health engaged Latitude Recruitment to assist in the challenging task of employing health staff. Latitude allocated a Consultant in Horsham, Jade, to work with us. Jade and Latitude have been incredible. Jade has worked closely with the HR team and our managers to improve timelines and modernise recruitment and onboarding processes. Jade proactively finds candidates for us, vets them and keeps them engaged. Jade has taken time to understand the needs of our organisation including the changes in culture we have developed and speaks to this with candidates. We have employed over 50 staff members across the organisation thanks to Jade and Karen at Latitude Recruitments expert services.

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