SE Pine Sales

SE Pine Sales, a leading timber product manufacturer in the Green Triangle region, faced significant recruitment challenges across their Mount Gambier and Dandenong sites. With a focus on quality and a team of 45 employees, they sought an effective solution to streamline their hiring process and enhance their workforce.

✅ We’ve filled 33 diverse roles (blue-collar & office-based), improving workforce capabilities across their operations.

✅ Management team has been able to save time and focus their energy on the tasks at the core of their business.

✅ Effectively matched candidates with an emphasis on cultural fit, resulting in a high degree of satisfaction for both the business and the candidate.

✅ The quick and efficient filling of vacancies at SE Pine Sales contributed to an increase in their overall operational efficiency and productivity.

The Challenge

The challenge wasn’t just about filling the variety of positions; it was crucial to find people who would fit well with the company’s culture and help it grow. 

But in a region known more for its forests and farms, finding the right mix of talent proved difficult for them. They were competing for skilled workers with other industries in the area, and their previous efforts to hire people didn’t bring in the skills they really needed.

The specific jobs SE Pine Sales was trying to fill were quite diverse, from hands-on roles in their manufacturing process to key office positions. Each of these jobs needed people with specific skills and a good match with the company’s way of working to ensure they stayed long-term and worked well together. This made the recruitment process even more challenging. 

The management team was spending too much time trying to hire people, and this was taking their attention away from important business tasks.

The challenge was clear: SE Pine Sales needed a better way to find the right people fast, without losing focus on their main business goals. They were looking for a recruitment partner who could not only understand their unique needs but also align with the company’s culture and long-term vision. This is where our team stepped in, ready to offer the right recruitment solution tailored to their specific requirements in the timber industry.

The Solution

In 2020, SE Pine Sales turned to us with a clear goal: to streamline their recruitment process and find the best candidates for their team. Seeking a partner who could understand their unique needs and aid in their growth, they found their solution in our team, led by our local recruitment consultant, Cathie. With her expertise, we initiated a comprehensive, end-to-end recruitment service, specifically tailored to the needs of SE Pine Sales.

Cathie’s approach is hands-on and focused. She develops targeted advertising strategies to attract the right candidates and manages the entire recruitment process, from sourcing and screening candidates to organising and attending interviews at SE Pine Sales’ sites. Her ongoing presence at these interviews is crucial – she not only welcomes candidates but also collaborates closely with the management team to ensure every candidate is a good fit for the company, in terms of both skills and culture.

Our strategy also includes proactive steps. We don’t just wait for candidates to come to us; we actively tap into our extensive candidate pool to seek out individuals who can add value to SE Pine Sales.

Regular communication with the SE Pine Sales team is a vital part of our process. By staying aligned with their business goals and staffing needs, we ensure that our recruitment efforts consistently support their long-term objectives.

This approach allows SE Pine Sales to focus on their core business, confident in the knowledge that their recruitment needs are in expert hands.

The Results

Our partnership with SE Pine Sales has led to substantial and measurable success in their recruitment efforts. Since we began working together, we’ve successfully filled 33 diverse roles, ranging from hands-on positions like Mill Hands and Forklift Operators to strategic roles such as the Inventory and Supply Chain Controller. This variety demonstrates our ability to understand and meet the wide-ranging staffing needs of SE Pine Sales.

More than just filling positions, our recruitment strategy has brought about significant time savings for the SE Pine Sales management team. By taking over the recruitment process, we’ve freed up their time, allowing them to concentrate on critical business activities. This shift in focus has contributed to improved operational efficiency and overall business performance.

Perhaps most importantly, our emphasis on cultural fit has paid off. The candidates we’ve placed have not only met the skill requirements but have also aligned well with the company’s values and work culture. This has led to a high satisfaction rate among both the SE Pine Sales team and the new hires, fostering a positive and productive work environment. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our tailored recruitment approach in not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of SE Pine Sales.

Latitude have been a pleasure to work with. They understand our workforce needs and screen job applicants according to their suitability for our job. They’ve saved us lots of time and hassle! I can rest easy with Latitude in our corner!

John Forster

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