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Finding the perfect person to join your business is exciting and often a huge burden off your shoulders as well… but it doesn’t end with the contract being signed.

Once you’ve hired your new employee, it is essential that you introduce and integrate them into your team through the onboarding process. This can include:

  • Showing your new hire around the work environment – make sure you cover where they will work, their manager’s office, kitchens, bathrooms, and emergency exits
  • Introducing your new hire to the team and explaining their role and responsibilities as well as everyone else’s
  • Explaining your company culture to them and letting them know how this is implemented in your organisation – e.g. employee assistance or wellness programs, casual Fridays, volunteering
  • Sitting down with them and creating KPIs (key performance indicators), so that they know what success looks like in their role
  • Organising training specific to your new hire’s role

Onboarding is so important because it equips your new hire with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the role. It gives all your employees the best chance for success – which is great for them and for you! 😊


We’ve been teasing you for a while now, so we’re really excited to finally announce that we‘ve launched our new online HR program, the Small Business HR Lab! It’s an online HR training course that helps small business owners set up and maintain HR activities for their organisation. Along with easy-to-follow lessons, checklists, templates and guides you also receive three coaching and HR planning calls with our director Karen, who can help you figure out where to direct your attention to get the most out of your time.

Until November 1, access to the Small Business HR Lab is only $297 (valued at $2997). We would love to hear from you if you’re interested – contact us here and we can chat about next steps, answer any questions you may have, or organise a sales call.

In the meantime, we hope you have a great month 😊

Karen and the Latitude team

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