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Can you believe it’s March already? Time is flying by. Today we’re discussing how to build a positive workplace culture in three easy to follow steps.

So what is ‘workplace culture’?

Workplace culture is the ‘character’ of the business. It is all of the values, beliefs, behaviours, goals and attitudes that exist within an organisation. Workplace culture can be positive or negative – think of the managers you have had or heard about that don’t listen to, support, or even shout at their staff. It makes for a terrible working environment, doesn’t it?

Culture is crucial to an individual’s success and to the success of the business.

The benefits of building a positive workplace culture are immense, and are most of the outcomes that all owners and managers want – improved employee retention and attraction of new staff, as well as increased productivity and employee happiness. The best thing is that building this culture can be done by any sized organisation, on any budget. The key is for leaders to invest in supporting their employees and developing a great place to work in an honest and authentic way.

3 steps to build a positive culture in your business:

  1. See what is working – engage with employees to find out what they like about the current culture. What is working/not working?
  2. Define – once you know what is working – start to define your vision and values, and think about what practices and behaviours are important (and desired) to the business. Once this is done – communicate clearly to your staff and display it in common areas so it can’t be missed.
  3. Lead and listen – Embody these new behaviours and values. You know the old saying – be the change you want to see. If one of your values is flexibility but you don’t ever take advantage of this, never leave your desk and work the same hours, it will be seen as culturally unacceptable for employees to utilise this flexibility. Demonstrate the behaviours you want to see from your team. Keep checking in to discuss the changes and ensure people feel heard and valued.

Thanks for reading our March newsletter. Next month, we will talk about the importance and power of performance appraisals. As always, if you have any topics that you would like discussed – please send us an email! 🙂


Hello there to all of our new followers! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Karen – the owner/director of Latitude Recruitment. We provide clients in regional areas HR and Recruitment support and have been established for about three years.

Previously, I worked for almost a decade in HR/recruitment roles. Growing up in the Limestone Coast, I am passionate about opportunities and progress in regional areas.

I’m a mum of three kids, a dog called Comet and love to read biographies when I get time. Thanks for supporting my local business.

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